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Lucy Reff

Determined, serious, hardworking, stubborn and responsible yet sassy, joking, and fun loving are some of the ways to describe my daughter Lucy. She loved animals, working with them, training them and taking care of them. She chose a career in Respiratory Therapy and was in her final semester of college at Upstate Medical University in Syracuse, NY. She was very hard-working, always going above and beyond to do her share and earn her own keep. She owned her own horse, Reba, and qualified at many fairs, showing Western and English. Even going on to compete at the state fair level. She saved every penny and bought her first vehicle, a Mustang. She even ended up getting her own truck so she could tow her own horse trailer. Again, paying all by herself. Lucy had a quiet demeanor, but she loved to laugh and lit up a room when she walked into it. Dance was another love that she worked hard at, taking hip-hop and eventually becoming a teacher and choreographer. Her very active life included snowboarding, snowmobiling, jet skiing, and soccer as well as horse riding.
By January of 2019 Lucy had chosen her wedding gown after becoming engaged to her 6-year boyfriend Skyler. A severe headache brought her to the emergency dept of a hospital where Drs failed to do any tests. An undetected Colloid Cyst caused severe brain damage. On Jan 15, 2019, Lucy saved 4 lives by donating her heart, liver and both kidneys.
We are fortunate to be able to know three of Lucy‘s four recipients and have contact with them. One of her kidneys went to a 50-year-old family man with two daughters very close to Lucy‘s age. His perfectly matched kidney has been able to let him see the birth of his first grandchild and return to work. He is a quiet, humble, yet fun loving man that we are very happy to know. Lucy‘s liver went to a 70-year-old grandmother who lives on Long Island. She is spunky and crafty and loves her family. Lucy‘s gift has let her have many more years with her family. Lucy‘s heart went to a 30-year-old Doctor who practices emergency room and ICU medicine. She is now working in New York City in a hospital using her and Lucy’s story to comfort her own patients. We are very thankful that this is a way to continue Lucy‘s medical career beyond organ donation.
While we are forever heart broken and miss Lucy every day, we are glad she was able to help others and leave a lasting legacy.

Lucy Reff
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