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       The Donor Family Network was started by two moms that lost their sons within months of each other. Both families chose to donate their children’s organs. After the two met, they decided to start a support group for donor families. It then grew into training for donor members that wanted to honor their loved ones and speaking in public about what our loved ones did. We began working with our local transplant agencies and organ recipients which soon turned into some very special friendships.

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      The Donor Family Network started traveling together for the US  Transplant Games and Donor Recognition Ceremonies in Washington DC. We have also helped sponsor 4 of our local families to go to Pasadena CA for the Rose Parade because their loved ones were being honored on  the Donate Life  Float with flora-graphs of their loved ones

      We have continued to grow from meeting other family members and being a big support to the new families to becoming part of a team. Team Finger Lakes is made up of transplant recipients from young to old,  living donors and donor families new and some who have been in a donor family for many years as well as all of our supporters. We support former and future team members that may be struggling with physical issues as well as being supportive to families that are dealing with hardships.

      The Finger Lakes Team travel to the Transplant Games of America held in different states in  the U.S. Teams from all of the 50 states and territories are represented at the games as  well as from outside our country as well. The donor families, living donors  and recipients participate in Olympic style games and games such as golf, bowling, trivia, ball room dancing and many others. The competitors receive medals for their accomplishments. This year’s 2021 team won 2 Gold and 1 Silver in trivia and  one member won Bronze in bowling

      Our team has fund raisers throughout the year to raise money for the team to travel to the games. We will share these fundraisers in our events section as well as making it possible for you to make a direct donation if you would like. 

       If you are part of a donor family or an organ, eye or tissue recipient please contact us using the form n the Contact Us section of the website. We would love to have you join and become part of our group. 

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